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Why are primary (baby) teeth important?

Although your child will lose these first teeth, they do serve an important function while they are present. Baby teeth help your child learn how to chew, assist when learning correct speech and diction, hold space in the mouth for adult teeth, and give your child a beautiful, precious smile. 

If your child loses one of their baby teeth too early, this is a dental emergency. Problems could occur with the teeth that are developing beneath the gumline or with the current teeth. If your child's baby teeth become damaged or are lost too soon, call the Children's Center for Dentistry at 309-827-KIDS(5437) to schedule a same-day emergency appointment.

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At Children’s Center for Dentistry, the health and wellness of our patients, staff, and doctors is our top priority. We have developed a re-opening plan, starting May 13, 2020, that is approved within the Governor’s shelter-in-place order that extends through the end of May. Our plan will expand our care back open to essential and preventative services.

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