Limited Orthodontics

Early Intervention Orthodontics

Healthy Start

Looking for a natural, safe, and effective alternative to traditional braces? Look no further! The Health Start system of appliances promotes healthy growth and development by straightening teeth, all the while addressing underlying health issues of your child. The appliances are soft, comfortable and removable. They are also free from any BPA, silicones, or latex. These appliances were created for an earlier oral intervention that works with the natural forces of  tooth eruption instead of against, like traditional orthodontics.

The Healthy Start is a series of appliances that grow with your child for more permanent overall results. Depending on the age of your child, the appliance will be worn for a short time during the day and throughout the night. Cosmetically, the Healthy Start system corrects an overjet, underbite, crowding, and straightens. In addition, the appliances open the airway giving your child an uptake in oxygen, which can aid in amending chronic allergies, aggressive behavior, mouth breathing, swollen adenoids & tonsils, daytime drowsiness, bedwetting, snoring, headaches, and having a hard time focusing in school.

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Interceptive Orthodontics

Timing is everything! Especially, when it comes to your child’s orthodontic treatment. Interceptive or early treatment means that treatment that is performed while some baby teeth are still present. Early treatment can be in your child’s best interests if the problem is one that could become more serious over time if left untreated. The goal of early treatment is to intercept the developing problem, eliminate the cause, guide the growth of facial and jaw bones, and provide adequate space for incoming permanent teeth. To reach this goal, sometimes various fixed appliances are used along with limited metal/ wire braces. Once interceptive treatment is completed, your child may still require a second phase of treatment after all permanent teeth have come in to move those teeth into their best positions.

Traditional Orthodontics

Comprehensive Orthodontics

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment, unlike two phase orthodontics, is completed in just one stage. The goal is the same, to straighten teeth and correct jaw alignment. This type of treatment is commonly known as conventional orthodontic treatment that uses traditional metal braces and typically lasts 18-24 months. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment only starts in adolescence after all primary teeth are lost.

Clear Correct

Is your adolescent not completely happy with their smile, but they aren’t a big fan of metal braces? Clear aligners might be the perfect solution. Straighter teeth don’t just look better; they work better too. Poorly-aligned teeth can interfere with bite function, can wear out faster, and are more prone to cavities. Based on our orthodontic records and doctor’s prescription, clear aligners are fabricated using advanced technology that apply targeted pressure to your teeth, slowly moving them into alignment. The aligners are comfortable, clear, and removable for easy wear. And once you’ve got a smile you love, you may just find you can’t help but show it off.

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Orthodontic Home Care Instructions

General Soreness

When you get your braces or orthodontic appliance, you may feel general soreness in your mouth, and your teeth may be tender to biting pressure for three to five days.  Rinsing your mouth with cold water can help relieve some soreness.  If the discomfort is severe, Tylenol or Motrin pain reliever is recommended every 6-8 hours for the first 48 hours.  If your lips, cheeks and tongue become irritated, you can use orthodontic wax to alleviate the irritation.

Brushing and Flossing

It is VERY IMPORTANT  to brush and floss regularly when you have braces or an orthodontic appliance.  Brushing three times per day or after every meal is recommended.  Food sitting around brackets and bands can cause gingival inflammation and cavities.  Make sure the area between the braces and gums stays clean.  Try to brush three times per day.  Make sure the teeth are completely free of food and plaque.

Items that can be found in the dental aisle of supermarkets and drug stores:

  • Superfloss and Platypus flossers are great to use with braces.  It is important to get floss under your orthodontic wire, then the floss is pushed up toward the gum line and then pulled down towards the wire to ensure all plaque is removed
  • Proxy brushes are very helpful if something gets stuck in between braces....DO NOT use fingernails or tooth picks
  • Peroxyl mouth rinse will help with mouth sores


For the first few days, stick to soft foods.  You'll need to protect your braces and orthodontic appliances while eating for as long as you wear them.

Foods to avoid:

  • Ice
  • Hard and sticky candy
  • Gum
  • Hard potato chips
  • Soda

Emergency Care

If you have an emergency such as a broken bracket, loose or poking wire, or anything else that is causing discomfort, please call the office.  If we are not in the office, you can reach us by the numbers listed on our voicemail.