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Dr. Gregory Dietz, DMD

Tongue Tie / Lip Tie - Treatment

Frenectomy Procedure

Addressing lip and tongue ties is relatively simple for infants and young children.  The procedure is called a frenectomy.  The procedure itself takes less than three minutes for each site.  Dr. Dietz uses a laser that cuts and seals the tissues resulting in very little or no bleeding.  The laser procedure takes slightly longer than a clipping procedure (commonly referred to as a frenotomy) but is the preferred method of Dr. Dietz due to the minimal bleeding and lower probability of healing back together.  This procedure can often times be done in the office without the need for sedation or general anesthesia. 











We start by using a topical anesthetic on the upper lip and tongue.  Local anesthetic is then used if the patient is over 1 year.  The infant is swaddled and placed on a changing table pad in our dental chair while being stabilized by an assistant to minimize movement during the procedure.  The parents are escorted to the waiting room for the short procedure.  Then the laser procedure is completed.  The parents are brought back immediately after treatment is completed and mom is encouraged to nurse (if still breastfeeding).  Babies will cry during the procedure even if they are numb in the area.  They calm quickly after the procedure is complete and they are out of the swaddle.

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